Pool presents : Ora The Molecule !!!
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Ask for your money back if you don’t get a flute solo” – Phil Taggart (BBC Radio 1)
“It must be sweet” –John Kennedy (Radio X)
“Very groovy” – Amy Lamé (BBC 6 Music)
“Christine and the Queens at her darkest” –Travis Holcombe (KCRW)
“This clever mélange of sound belongs equally in one of the Guggenheim’s art installations as it does
in London’s most exclusive nightclubs” – The Revue

Ora The Molecule is a global music collective taking inspiration from Fleetwood Mac, Kraftwerk,Suzanne Vega,Mecanoand Norwegian Sami musicianMari Boine. The collective has already garnered comparisons to BBC 6 MusicfavouritesMaribou State,Gwenno& Bat For Lashesdue to their use of pan-global hypnotic rhythms and genre bending melodies to create a musical buffet that excites the aural palette.

Debut single ‘Sugar’, released on their own imprint Uhh AhhRecords, is a hedonistic satire of consumerism, ego and the deeply rooted human phenomenon that always needs more’combining electronic beats, synths, flute & saxophone to create an exciting take on the alt pop sound.

Nora is originally from Oslo before moving to Los Angeles to meet her estranged Father and meeting the rest of the band (Sju, a Slovakian hat maker and Jan, a German touring synth player). After being inspired by each other’s work they started making music together and relocated to a small village in Spain’s Andalusian mountains in hope of finding the silence and peace necessary to make music.

“I found myself trapped in an obsessive entrepreneurial networking routine because of the financial pressure due to high living cost in the city” says Nora, “I noticed a dangerous numbness occurring in myself seeing hundreds of homeless people, I was suppressing my feeling of empathy to keep going, I felt a need to remove myself from the city because of my weakness to distraction.”

“I wanted to experience life without parking tickets, concrete, noise, pollution, traffic, gang affiliation and the inescapable focus on the money. I also had good memories of living in a Spanish village as a child and hoped that returning to that would help me reconnect with myself and gain perspective.”